L-Glutamine and Pharma GABA (combats sugar cravings)
Podcast: If you’re eating a healthy, unprocessed diet, yet still experiencing sugar cravings, you may be deficient in a crucial brain-feeding nutrient.  Listen in this week to discover how to curb your sweet tooth quickly with a readily available affordable nutrient.
L-Glutamine and Pharma GABA (combats sugar cravings)
  1. I’m confused why your podcast on sugar cravings recommends 500 mg of l-glutamine, 3x per day, but the link to your Amazon store has a different product recommended: 1000 mg l-glutamine per capsule.

    Also, what is the difference between the brand NOW and NOW SPORT. I noticed the 1000 mg is the NOW SPORT and the 500 mg is NOW.

  2. You are right. Good catch! That was an error! We changed the product recommendation.

  3. So what is the new recommendation then? I would like to know before I purchase one or the other of the suggested supplements. thanks!

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